Managing change return

The EPSI system means that customers no longer have to leave their refunds in supermarkets or shops because of a lack of small change.
Thanks to EPSI, you can collect every penny of your refund via the BAN (Bon d’Achat Numérique) generated by the retailer in question, and convert it into your mobile e-wallet in just one click via your mobile phone.

Once the coupon or BAN has been processed and the discount applied, the remaining value is deposited as electronic money in the customer’s mobile money account. The convenience of mobile money ensures that customers can easily access and manage their funds via their mobile devices.

EPSI also offers benefits to merchants. By using UDRs and refund coupons, merchants can effectively manage their cash flow by earning money from the commissions generated by the solution while avoiding the need to carry excessive currency dedicated to refunds. In addition, the refund process can help to encourage customers to make future purchases and improve customer satisfaction.

It is important that merchants and customers familiarise themselves with the specific terms and conditions associated with EPSI, including the purchase and redemption process, fees (where applicable) and any other relevant details relating to the use of UDRs and coupons.